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OneBlue Real Estate is a full-service residential and commercial real estate company serving all of Central Florida and Tampa founded by top Orlando REALTOR Kevin Johnson. Whether you are searching for your next home, thinking about placing your home for sale or just getting to know the Orlando area, the OneBlue team is here for you! Questions, give OneBlue Real Estate a call at 321-337-0454 or email us a

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Orlando Home Buyers And Their Earnest Money Safety Net

When a young Orlando home buyer first hears the term “earnest money deposit,” the words alone pretty much explain the general concept. But I make sure to clarify the details before we begin to

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How To Save Money While On Vacation In Orlando

Here are some general tips and ideas on ways to save money in Orlando and not break the bank. This is a general guide as to when to visit Orlando and where to book tickets and hotels t maximize your

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Top Home Renovations For Maximum Return On Investment

Top Home Renovations for Maximum Return on InvestmentWhether you are selling your home, just purchased your first home or are a homeowner planning to stay put for a while, there is value in

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